Coach Sanders speaks at City of Palms Clinic

Justin Jalomo, Sports Reporter

On the weekend of Feb. 11th, Coach Sanders got the opportunity to speak at the City of Palms Clinic, and he was very honored to doing so.

“I’ve spoken at several clinics,” Sanders said. “Last year, we got to speak at about 5 clinics and I just came back from Seattle, where I got to speak at one of the biggest clinics in the nation called the Northwest All Sports Club. Anytime you get to speak at a clinic, it’s a huge honor for the staff and our community.”

The City of Palms Clinic is a football clinic where the audience gets to listen to the speaker speak about offense, defense, special teams and the culture of the program.

“Each clinic is about the same,” Sanders said. “They’re going to have some offensive lectures, they’ll have defensive lectures, maybe some kicking game and culture lectures. It just depends on what they want to hear from us and then we talk about what we do in each of those areas.”

At the clinic, the audience got to listen to Sanders talk about specific offensive and defensive formations.

“In the City of Palms Clinic, we talked about inside a run game and RPO’s,” Sanders said. “For the Seattle clinic, we talked about Match 3 Coverage and then our culture, our winning culture in our program and also special situations on the defensive end and redzone.”

As his clinic came to a close, he was given positive reception from the audience.

“I had lots of positive comments,” Sanders said. “They said they’re going to take a lot of things we do and take it back to their program and try to do the same thing.”