Competitive cheerleading team competes for their first UIL cheer competition of the year

The competitive cheerleading team competed last week in Fort Worth on Jan. 10-11 against 200 other 6A teams in their first UIL cheer competition of the year, finishing with high scores. The team spent every class period and time after school preparing for the performance.

“Now that football season is over, we have been spending most of our practice time preparing for this competition,” sophomore Madison Maraist said. “It was really fun to be able to compete in the UIL competition. It was my first time competing with my cheer team. It was definitely a great learning experience.”

Since the team didn’t advance to finals, this is the last UIL competition for the 12 senior girls on the team.

“Being a senior was definitely a rewarding position,” senior Carter Cowman said. “Watching some of the younger girls step up and take initiative made me feel confident that they will be just fine without us next year. I loved watching some of the girls pulling not only their weight, but also their teammates weight. Also, it was nice to see all the girls come together and work as a well rounded team.”

There are around six new competitors on the UIL team this year.

“It was really exciting be able to compete this year,” sophomore Amelia Milam said. “I loved getting to travel and spend time with my whole team. We made lots of fun new memories together, and it was overall a wonderful experience.”

          The cheer team competed against 120 teams and the top 20 teams advanced to finals. This was the team’s first year competing as a 6A school.

“I’m really excited to be a senior because that means being a leader and role model for the other girls on the team,” junior Calle Wynn said. “Being a senior brings new privileges and responsibilities such as getting to use your own megaphones. I’m looking forward to spending time with the younger girls and helping them out through the season.”

Lots of practice and time is put into preparing for the competitions. The cheer team has gone to the UIL competition two years in a row now.

           “It was really sad that this was our last competition, especially because this group of seniors have all been working together each since middle school. We get along and work together so well,” Cowman said. “It makes me happy knowing this is not the end. We will all definitely stay in touch.”