Week five fantasy football tips

Week five fantasy football tips

Carson Field, Sports Editor

Players to start this week:

QB Tom Brady (New England Patriots)

The four-time Super Bowl champ is back! The Patriots, who were humiliated in week four, have their quarterback returning at the right time. The previously suspended Brady will have a great performance in his first game back, as the Pats face the Browns. The Browns’ pass defense is not as horrible as the rest of their team, but they are not great. Expect Brady and Gronk to both have the first touchdowns of their seasons this week.

RB LeSean McCoy (Buffalo Bills)

Buffalo running back LeSean McCoy has picked up the pace the last two weeks, scoring a total of 39 points, and he will continue his production in week five. The Bills face the Rams, who have one of the league’s top pass defenses. Because the Rams’ pass defense is so strong, the Bills will revert to their running game often, leading to plenty of carries for McCoy. The Buffalo running back will find the endzone at least once in Sunday’s game.

RB Terrance West (Baltimore Ravens)

Baltimore running back Terrance West had his first solid game as a Raven on Sunday, and he will have another successful performance in week five. Although the Redskins’ pass defense is not bad, their run defense has struggled to start the 2016 season. This will lead the Ravens to handing the ball to West often. West could be a good option for fantasy owners needing running back help.

WR Brandon Marshall (New York Jets)

Veteran receiver Brandon Marshall has been inconsistent in the team’s first four games, but he will redeem himself this week. The Jets face the Steelers, who have allowed the third-most passing yards this season despite their 3-1 record. If quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick can complete passes, he will find Marshall for several receptions.

Panthers’ Defense

The Carolina defense imploded in week four against the Falcons, allowing Matt Ryan to throw for 503 yards and receiver Julio Jones to accumulate 300 yards. However, the Panthers’ defense will have a turnaround game in week five. This week, the Panthers face the Buccaneers, who have had one of the least productive offenses this year. Last week’s horrific game will light a much-needed fire in the Carolina Defense.

Players to sit this week:

QB Kirk Cousins (Washington Redskins)

After a rough first game in the 2016 season, young quarterback Kirk Cousins has once again started playing like a veteran. However, he will once again have a rough game this week when the Skins take on the Ravens. Surprisingly, the Ravens have one of the strongest passing defenses in the NFL, for they are fourth in the league in passing yards allowed. I expect Cousins to throw multiple picks on Sunday.

RB Lamar Miller (Houston Texans)

Houston running back Lamar Miller has failed to reach the endzone in the Texans’ first four games, and I don’t expect that to change in week five. The Texans face the Vikings, who arguably have the league’s defense this year. MIller will have trouble running for more than 50 yards because of the stout Minnesota defense. Look for someone else at running back this week if Miller is in your lineup.

RB Eddie Lacy (Green Bay Packers)

Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy has struggled to accumulate many fantasy points to start the season, and this will not change this week. The Packers face the Giants, who have a surprisingly strong run defense, as they have allowed the ninth-lowest amount of rushing yards. The Giants’ passing defense is much worse than their run defense, so expect the Packers to pass often, leading to fewer carries than usual for Lacy.

WR Alshon Jeffery (Chicago Bears)

Standout receiver Alshon Jeffery has had a rough start to the 2016 season, and I don’t expect this to change in week five. Jeffery has failed to accumulate more than 10 points this season, but this is not necessarily his fault. The Bears are currently lacking options at the quarterback position, as Brian Hoyer and Jay Cutler have shared playing time. Kevin White’s injury could lead to more targets for Jeffery, but if the quarterback can’t throw, it is hard for the receiver to catch many passes.

Raiders’ Defense

The Oakland Raiders’ young defense is not bad, but they will struggle to stop the San Diego offense in week five. San Diego’s passing game has been dominant, as Philip Rivers has the fifth-best passer rating in the NFL. The Raiders’ defense will allow at least 28 points to the Chargers. Look for a better defensive option this week if the Raiders’ Defense is in your lineup.