Lacrosse moves up a division

Stephen King, Writer

Because of increasing its members, the varsity girls lacrosse team has moved up to Division 1, and now they play against stronger teams.

“I feel happy about it,” senior Amanda Keck said. “We get to play teams that we haven’t played against before.”

Division 1 is the best rank to move up to, which means the lacrosse team is at their best. They have received new uniforms and coaches as perks for the rank.

“I really enjoy playing lacrosse at a higher level,” junior Sadie Benkovic said. “We get more recognition.”

As for their performance, they will be practicing harder than ever to earn the rank, because they will now be playing against other teams in Division 1.

“We can’t just slack off as much,” Benkovich said. “You really have to push to beat these teams because they’re good. It makes the sport more intense.”