Baseball and softball teams request donations


Stephen King, Writer

Vandegrift’s baseball and softball teams are collecting equipment for RBI.

“I think it’s good to give equipment to kids who don’t have the privileges to play softball like we do,” sophomore Brianna Moore said. “I’m donating some bats and a bag of helmets.”

RBI engages and develops the inner-city youth of Austin who cannot afford their own equipment in terms of athletics, academics, and spirituality. They are expecting 800 kids and more to participate during spring and make donations.

“I think it’s great,” head coach Clark said. “I don’t think that any kid should be turned away from any sport because they can’t afford equipment.”

Equipment such as bats, balls, and gloves are some examples. They can even be used, as long as the equipment are in good condition, then just make a donation at the next softball games. They can also be given to coaches Clark and McGee.

“I think we can do good if we stay focused and keep our minds on the game,” Moore said.