Vandegrift Vs Cedar Park

Vandegrift Vs Cedar Park

Sarah Davis, Sports Center

Football prepares to take on Cedar Park this Friday at home. Vandegrift has never beat Cedar Park on a varsity level.

“We’ve haven’t beat them yet and ever since we’ve split schools we have strived to beat them and prove we are the better team,” senior Austin Cooley said.

Although the rivalry wasn’t official until 2009 when Vandegrift opened, there was a rivalry between Canyon Ridge Middle School and Cedar Park Middle School.

“It’s also a huge game because we’ve grown up playing each other,” senior Ryan McGee said, “I still remember how good it felt to beat CP for the district championship in eighth grade.”

As of right now Vandegrift’s record is 4-2 overall and 1-2 in district. In order to guarantee a spot in play-offs the Vipers need to win four district games.

“We’ve never beat Cedar Park on a varsity level for football,” Coach Sanders said, “on top of having a rivalry with them, we need to win four district games to go to play offs and we only have four left.”