FCA’s Student Vs. Faculty Basketball Game


Madeline Hill

Alaina Galasso, Opinions Editor

Sneakers squeak against the gym’s floor in the last seconds of the game. The referees’ whistles pierce the air and the buzzer reigns over the cheers to signify the end of the game. The last swish of the ball through the hoop sends one team into endless screams and hollers at the joy of winning.

The teachers took the victory at the second annual student versus faculty basketball game hosted by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) took place on April 4. Students paid $5 for a wristband to witness the showdown during PIT at the end of the day in the competition gym

“I wanted more than anything to humble our sometimes overly-confident, yet still talented, Vandegrift basketball players,” FCA sponsor Coach McClain said.

The teachers were in the lead when halftime hit with a score of 24 to 19. Coach Heath announced while Coach Sanders and Mr. Haase acted as referees.  By the end of the game the teachers secured the victory, 39 to 38.

“I wanted to ball on my teachers and dunk on them, especially Coach Ellis,” senior Luke Peterman said.

The event raised almost $1400. Half of the money raised was donated to Relay for Life to support the American Cancer Society and the other half went to the FCA.

“I decided to participate because I support Relay for Life and the battle against cancer,” senior Patricia Nintcheu said. “I hope the students will have the bragging rights for winning.”

Last year in the first game the students were the victors. This year the teachers smack talk and strategies were enough to put them in the lead. The game succeeded in creating friendly, yet fun, competition and raised money for Relay for Life that started that afternoon.

“The best part about participating in this event is the ability to make a positive contribution while having fun,” Business and Family and Consumer Science teacher Mrs. Villanueva said. “It was a great opportunity to support our school and charity.”