Upcoming Lady Viper Lacrosse Tournament

Katie Grace

The Lady Viper Lacrosse team is competing in the Westwood Tune Up Tournament on Saturday.

 “I am confident is my teams abilities. We have had a lot of practice to prepare for this tournament. This tournament will prepare me for future games and see what it is like,” JV Sophomore Amanda Keck said.  

The Westwood Tune Up Tournament is a day dedicated for playing time for district varsity and JV lacrosse teams. Each team in the tournament will play a minimum of three games. This tournament allows teams to get valuable game practice in before the district season begins.

 “We beat D1 teams in our past tournaments so I think we will do great. This tournament will give us good practice to see what we are up against in the upcoming season. Our team meshes very well together. We have a great group of girls and we all have been playing together since last year.  I am very excited to get out on the field,”  Varsity Sophomore Kate Murphy said.

As the tournament season continues for the Lady Vipers they continue to grow and improve as a team. The expectations are very high for the Lady Vipers this tournament.

 “I think we will do very well and hopefully win a few games. As a team and as a player I think we are very ready. We have been practicing for a couple of months. The tournament will definitely help me know how we will work as a team during game time,” Sophomore Ellie Cross said.