Vandegrift Girls Lacrosse Debut

Kelly Honts, Web Editor

This October marks the debut of Vandegrift’s new girls lacrosse team. The team will be playing together for the first time this weekend at the Halloween Shootout, a tournament in Dallas.

 “The team has been preparing for the upcoming tournament by focusing on getting the new girls caught up and making sure no one’s rusty from the summer,” said sophomore Taylor Searels.  

Many of the team’s experienced players were members of the Cedar Park team last year and faced the decision of whether or not to continue with their original team or switch teams to support their school.

 “It was a big decision because we had gotten really close with the Cedar Park girls, but I really wanted to support my school and wear our school colors,” Searels said. “And it was a lot closer to home”

Cedar Park continues to offer positions to old players for tournaments Vandegrift is not yet able to attend, such as Southern Lacrosse Showcase in Charlotte, N.C..

 “It was so fun and I learned a lot of new stick skills I can use this season,” sophomore Gabby Fatke said of the tournament.

“This year being our first year will be focused on building a strong foundation. It will be an exciting journey to take a group of girls with little to no experience and build a very competitive team” head coach Lisa Massock said.  

This year the VHS team plans on attending two more tournaments and will be playing as a JV and varsity team throughout the spring season.

“I hope that our team will learn to work well together and that we will go undefeated,” sophomore Madison Benkovic said.

If you are interested in joining Vandegrift lacrosse please contact the ASL teacher and assistant coach, Jennifer Greenstreet, for details.