Tennis Begins Spring Season With Roster Changes

Sofia Colorado, Lifestyles Editor

Between off-season and the beginning of competitive play, varsity tennis has trained diligently for the upcoming spring season. After a competitive round of challenge matches the week they returned from winter break, the varsity roster was recreated. All the players fought hard for their new positions, and this Friday they will be given the opportunity to prove that they truly deserve their spots.

The team played away at Rouse last Friday, leaving immediately after PIT. Although the rainy weather led to a cancelled match, the players were confident that with the newly formed team they would have come away with a victory. Sophomore Alexandra Dial, who currently holds the spot as number one girls singles player, is excited for the spring season and for the match against the Raiders.

“I think the team will dominate because last year we beat them really bad, and the team has improved- for the most part- after the challenge matches,” Dial said.

Although Dial remains one of the top players on varsity, not all players held the same position after the roster change. Junior Alejandro Santillana moved down to junior varsity, but he remains certain that he will enjoy himself and continue to play his best.

“I think a lot of us have a big opportunity to get past district and even state.  I want to have fun and play hard so I can get as far into the tournaments as I can,” Santillana said.

The JV team will play against Leander High School this Thursday at home, and the Varsity team will play Cedar Park at CPHS on Friday.