Bullet Train

Seiya Mutreja, Editor

“Bullet Train,” directed by David Letch, was released into theaters on Aug. 5. With Brad Pitt playing Ladybug and

Bullet Train,” directed by David Letch, was released into theaters on August 5th, 2022.

Sandra Bullock and Maria Beetle, the movie was a fun, brainless watch. 

The movie is about a man, Ladybug, and the people he encounters on the Bullet Train. Ladybug has had considerable misfortune in his life. His job has required him to partake in many dangerous adventures. After many jobs had gone awry, he desired a peaceful job. He is put on the train by his superior, Maria Beetle, and is supposed to retrieve a briefcase from the Bullet Train. However, the job was more complicated than he expected and he witnesses a series of comical accidents orchestrated by the mysterious “White Fang.”  

“Bullet Train” was scripted a lot like cartoon animation. The characters are caricatures and fit into distinct archetypes. This seems to be intentional with repeated references to the archetypes in “Thomas the Train.” The plot involves comedy of errors to an absurd level. While the overall storyline could have used some tightening, and scenes could have been cut shorter to improve the film, the performance of the cast made it a pleasant experience. 

With an enjoyable plot and comical deliveries by the cast, “Bullet Train” is the perfect movie for a lazy day where you want to shut your brain off and have a laugh.