Visualize your Dream: a new app for AI art


Art created by Daniel Farrow

Daniel Farrow, Staff Reporter

Let’s face it, a lot of people have amazing ideas but lack a way to put them into action. Personally, I’ve always wanted to be able to paint or draw so that I could put some of my ideas out into the world. Sadly, I’m a horrible artist, and I thought there was no way I’d be able to create something unique on my own. Enter Dream, the AI program that lets you make completely unique art in various stylings. 

How it works: Upon opening the “create” portion of the app, you are greeted with a prompt bar. In this space, you input keywords that will influence the design of your piece. After the prompts, you can choose between various stylings such as “Psychedelic”, “Fantasy Art”, and “Baroque”. These stylings will give the program certain presets that dictate the overall style genre your piece will fit into. You can also choose to use an existing image as a reference. After you input your preferences, just hit “generate”. You can re-generate your image as many times as you’d like to get another unique image each time with your same prompts.

Thoughts: I’ve spent several hours glued to this app since I downloaded it. It’s possibly one of the best free apps on the market, and it’s a fantastic creative tool for inspiration or just wasting time. It’s fun to compete with friends to see who can generate the best images and since there’s no definitive skill gap, it’s an even playing field for artists and non-artists alike. My only problem with the app is that it will sometimes fail to generate the art, however this is a rare and trivial error. So far, I’m enjoying my experience with Dream, and I hope that the developers continue to update and improve the app to add more stylings.