‘As It Was’ by Harry Styles


Taylor Chronert

Released just recently on Friday, All it was is one of the songs that’s going to be in the newest upcoming album

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

Fans were suspicious when Harry Style announced his newest single on April 1. But it was no April Fools joke when his newest single, ‘As it Was’, dropped on Friday. Before we knew it, his single was out all over Spotify and Apple Music. His newest album, “Harry’s House”, will be released on May 20th. 

When I first listened to the song, a lot of emotions came over me like any other Harry Styles song would. I love the style of the song, it reminds me a lot of his song ‘Golden’ by the beat. My favorite part of the song has to be the beginning part with the ‘come on Harry we want to say goodnight’. When I was listening to the song with my friend for the first time, we were both cracking up at that part and every time we listened to it, we would say that part of the song.

I also really loved the second verse of the song and the bridge. Those two parts just had so much meaning and thought into them. In the second verse it’s a lot more meaningful and personal and we can see Styles letting out his feelings in the second part of the song and in the bridge, he is rapping which is extremely awesome and something I’ve never seen or heard of in a Harry Styles song.

‘As it Was’ wasn’t the only surprise Styles dropped this week– he released a music video on the same day. 

I’ve always loved Harry Styles’ fashion sense and the outfits he wears in his videos, interviews, and live performances, and in this video he had some really good fashion choices. I noticed in this video he wore a lot of red. A red coat with his black go to boa, and this really cool red sparkly jumpsuit with matching red and white nails, I loved it. I also liked the part where he took off the jumpsuit, boa, and his gloves to reveal his sparkly jumpsuit and just the way he looks at the end of the video when he’s dancing and having fun and I loved seeing the smile on his face.

There is no information on what the song is about, however, lots of people have different opinions on what the song could be about. Some people think it has to do with his past life back when he was a singer for One Direction and others have a feeling it has to do with his relationship with Olivia Wilde. Even with all the assumptions of what the song could be about, Styles assures everyone that the song is based on something personal and that’s what I love when it comes to Harry and his music. All of his songs, whether they’re about relationships or other parts of his personal life, have a personal connection. .

Even though to me it’s sad that the “Fine Line” era is over, I’m really excited for the “Harry’s House” era to begin. I highly recommend listening to his newest single and checking out the music video for it, and I can’t wait to see his actual album in May.