Spider-Man: No Way Home Review



The movie poster for Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is now being shown in theaters

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

When the new Spider-Man movie came out Dec. 17, tickets sold out almost immediately. To my luck though, I was able to get a ticket and I soon found myself at the theater, watching Tom Holland play Spider-Man on New Year’s Eve.

Spider-Man: No Way Home continues the storyline from the last Spider-Man movie: Far From Home. After Mysterio announced that Spiderman is Peter Parker and accused Peter of murdering him, Peter can no longer separate his normal life to being a superhero since everyone knows his identity. Things continue to get worse for not only himself but for his best friend Ned, and girlfriend MJ, he goes to seek help from Dr. Strange, in which he said he can perform a spell that will have everyone forget that Peter Parker is Spiderman. After Peter requests that the spell be changed dozens of times for the sake of a couple people knowing, things start to get even more dangerous and messy, which leads Peter to discover what it means to be Spiderman and have the responsibility of being a hero.

What I liked about this movie was that not only was it very funny, but  also that we got to see more of Peter’s teenage life and what goes on behind there when he isn’t Spiderman. I was also excited to see MJ and Peter together. After “Far From Home,” I was wanting to know what was going to happen next to Peter and MJ since there was some hints that something might go on with them, so I was super excited to see that they are officially dating in this movie as I think they are a really cute couple and are great together. I really liked the beginning scene with them when MJ was being crowded and questioned because it was also announced that MJ was Spiderman’s girlfriend, and Peter saw them crowding her and he flew down there in his Spiderman uniform to get her away from the scene. Even though MJ didn’t deserve to be harassed or questioned because she did nothing wrong, it was still a sweet scene.

One of my favorite scenes from this movie was the ending battle scene with all three Spider Man’s fighting in the battle. I was really excited to see the original two Spidermans in this movie and I love the bond all three Spidermans had and some of the moments they had together, like when Peter was telling them he was in the Avengers and they just didn’t know what that was. I also enjoyed when Ned had Dr. Strange’s ring and could create portals. I thought those scenes were really good, especially when he couldn’t close a portal, and he and MJ ended up having to run out into the battle because of a monster. I thought that scene was very funny and made me laugh.

Overall, I really enjoyed the new Spiderman movie and I think this one was probably one of my favorites out of all the Spiderman movies ever made. Even though it was extremely funny, it was super sad as well. From the ending to the death of one of the characters, I pretty much cried like ten times. I heard it was sad but I didn’t think it would be that sad. Even though there are some sad parts in the movie, I still thought it was a great movie and I highly recommend it to anyone.