Loving it was “Red”


Taylor Chronert

Go take a listen to Red “Taylor’s Version” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

Taylor Swift has been leaving Swifities on the edge with her rereleasing her old albums, and just recently released “Red ‘Taylor’s Version.’” She announced that the album would be released on Nov. 13, as 13 is her lucky number, but she decided to play a little trick on us and announced that she would be releasing it earlier and have it be on the 12.

When her version of “Red” came out, I was super excited. “Red” is one of my favorite albums, and the day that she released “Red ‘Taylor’s Version,’” that was pretty much all I listened to that day. I listened to it in the car, when I was at practice, and when I was hanging out with one of my friends before the football game, we listened to the whole album on repeat.

What I was surprised most about this rerecording of the album was how much she sounded like she was nine years ago when the original album was first relasesd. Hearing her sing her old songs from the “Red” album took me back to 2012 when I was a ten year old girl jamming out to her songs. The album cover and how it looked shocked me the most. Even though it is pretty much the exact same album, I like how they are giving it a new look, giving the whole album a “glow up.”  I was also most surprised when I heard the songs that were collaborating. In the newest “Red” album, she collaborated with Gary Lightbody and Ed Sheeren, and hearing what they sound like right now just surprises me.

Like “Fearless ‘Taylor’s Version,’” there were a ton of songs that were added onto the re-recording album, but my favorite has to be the song “Girl at Home.” There is currently a lot of debate on which one is better, the old or re-recording, and for me, I really like the re-recording. I really enjoy when Swift gets to be herself with all her music, and that’s what I love most about this song. She took the original country version and turned it into her own, more personal version. 

Obviously with the other songs, a ton of favorites from that album have changed. Before I really enjoyed “Red,” “Treacherous,” “22,” “We are never getting back together,” “I knew you were trouble” and so many more, but now I am starting to like “Stay Stay Stay,” “State of Grace,” “All too well” and “I bet you think about me,” especially with their  music videos. I obviously enjoy each and every one of the songs that are on the album, but I am starting to appreciate and like the other ones more than when I first listened to the original all those years ago.

Overall I’m really happy with how this album turned out and what it looks like now, especially with her 10 minute version of “All Too Well.” Like with the “Fearless” album and the re-recording, I don’t have a favorite one; I like both the same. I highly recommend giving this album a listen, and I promise you will be hooked. As for the next rerecording, there are so many easter eggs and hints of what she might re-record next. After seeing all the hints, I have a feeling she’s going to re-record either “Speak Now” or “1989.” That’s what I think will happen next, but we will see.