Bibliovert podcast review

Abby Lincks, Editor

From the first episode in March of 2020, these four friends have racked up quite the audience for their podcast catering to readers who want to listen to it all. With honest opinions, a constant comedic tone, engaging discussion and hilariously relatable anecdotes, listeners are thoroughly entertained. 

Hosts Jacklyn, AK, LB and Alli, all spend time conversing about their favorite and not-so favorite books. While many podcasts have a general leader of each episode who acts as a baseline for questions and information, this podcast is unique in the fact that it takes on more of a friendly and informal environment because of its lack of a central presenter. All four friends share the same role in reviewing each novel, which is to just converse about its contents.

Posting every other Monday since early 2020, there are thirty-five episodes to choose from, each containing sixty minutes or more of content. The podcast centers around the young adult fantasy genre, but does have some reviews of adult fantasy novels. So, if you’re a big fan of the fantasy genre, you will most likely find at least one book you’ve read reviewed on their channel. A lot of the books they review are popular and well-known to fantasy readers. Even if you aren’t familiar with some of the books on their podcast, they spend the first five to ten minutes of each episode explaining what the book is generally about and their general opinion of it, spoiler free.

Popular fantasy authors like Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Sabaa Tahir, Tomi Adeyemi and Stephenie Meyer are just some of the author’s books they have reviewed. The podcast has several full series including Leigh Bardugo (“Six of Crows”) duology, Sarah J. Maas (“Throne of Glass”) series, Stephenie Meyer (“Twilight”) series, Sabaa Tahir (“An Ember in the Ashes”) trilogy that have been fully completed. They also review ongoing series like Tomi Adeyemi (“Children of Blood and Bone”). 

Very conversational, the review process of every book is very much centered around the four hosts’ opinions, likes and dislikes. If you are looking for a podcast that is more formal in the reviewing process of a novel, this podcast may not be the one for you. While the podcast does discuss aspects of the plot, character development and theories about what may happen in the future of the next book, this is not a strict reviewing process where they expand on specific plot structure, highly detailed information, expand on symbolism and other literary elements. 

The relationship between the four friends comes off as very close-knit, making the tone of each episode friendly and honest. The honest discussion points make for a comedic, relatable and hilarious in its out-there comparisons in plot points of each book. There are a lot of laughs and moments where the four hosts simply rant about what they love, hate, find interesting and find excessive about the contents of each book. 

The Bibliovert Podcast centers around a group of friends having fun together talking. If you enjoy reading but nearly as much, love to gossip and discuss crazy moments and your personal experience and thought process behind each chapter, this is definitely the podcast that will meet those factors and one you will enjoy. It caters to any bibliovert, a person who restores their energy by being around books. Therefore, perfect for any book nerd. 

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