‘The Society’

“The Society,” created by Christopher Kyser, Is a mystery TV series starring Kathryn Newton and Sean Berdy. It is set in modern times and takes place at a high school in a wealthy town.

Like any other high school, cliques and friendships play an important role in this community but they are quickly tested throughout the series. The students go on a field trip, only for their buses to break down in the middle of the night, prompting the return to their hometown. Once they arrive, they quickly realize everyone is gone. Morals and boundaries will be tested as the teens fight to survive.

This movie was, to put it in the most simple of terms, boring. The drama did not kick up and the audience couldn’t truly care for one person- hence there was no character development. The show was quite predictable, but also left many random unanswered questions in the finale.

I did love, however, the tone of the movie. It was consistent and although could be boring at times, in a way drew me in to the mystery and the tinge of suspense. This TV series strongly illustrated a group of teens learning how to enter into adulthood, and take responsibility the hard way. It tested their morals and beliefs, a struggle most young adults go through when learning to be an adult.

Overall, I would say this series was sub-par- the characters could be a little more developed to evoke more emotions in the audience and the drama had potential to develop into something more. I wouldn’t recommend this series to watch.