‘My Perfect Romance’ Movie Review

Cady Grace Wynn, Staff Reporter

“My Perfect Romance” Is a romantic comedy starring Christopher Russell (Wes Robinson) and Kimberly-Sue Murray (Vivian Blair). It is set in modern times and takes place in a big city, specifically a big office building.

Wes Robinson, the CEO of his family’s company, is trying to find the best new product to impress his mother- a business woman herself who has little faith in her sons success. Vivian pitches her idea of a dating algorithm that’s more than just looking at a person’s appearance and setting a match. As the two fight over the release and other small details, they also try to find their own perfect matches.

Although the title was enticing, the movie was overall dull. The dialogue was unnatural throughout the movie and the plot was weak and seemed rushed. The side characters were underdeveloped, cheesy, and felt forced. The acting of all characters felt fake and made me want to turn off the movie 10 minutes in.

The movie also was over dramatic and cliche. There was no chemistry between the two main characters and their romance seems strained. This movie was not worth the watch, and I highly do not recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a good movie, hearty movie.