‘Christmas with a View’

Cady Grace Wynn, Social Media


Christmas with a View is a classic romance on Netflix featuring Kaitlyn Leeb as Clara Garrison and Scott Cavalheiro as Shane Roarke. The movie is set in modern day times in a little town in the snowy mountains.

Clara Garrison failed to open up her own restaurant in New York so she flees back to her hometown to work for a potential love interest and boss Hugh Peters as a waitress and restaurant manager at the local ski resort. Everything changes when celebrity Shane Roark arrives to be the new head chef of the restaurant.  As their paths keep colliding, they realize this Christmas may become more exciting and romance filled than either of them would have thought.

Although the film was delightful in a way that a classic romance usually is, the scenes were a little abrupt and the plot was weak. The relationship between Clara and Shane was awkward, and they over exaggerated every event that happened. The movie made a terrible attempt at making a subtle love triangle; resulting in confusing the audience and causing an unnecessary problem within Shane and Clara’s relationship. There were also irrelevant scenes such as the dinner date at the beginning of the movie with a  rude customer. This had no point or purpose throughout the entire movie.

The set design was fantastic. I loved the way they incorporated a visual of many different food plates to show off Shane’s talent and emphasize what the focal point of the movie was. I thought the costume designer did a great job with the outfits, perfectly portraying each character in the way they dress along with an accent of Christmas to bring out the holiday spirit in the actors and audience.

Although there were some aspects of the movie that were fantastic, I thought overall the movie was cheesy and boring. The relationships between characters was awkward and there was little to no character development. Clara and Shane’s acting was terrible and the outcome of the problem at hand was highly predictable. In the end, the plot turned out to be anti-climatic and definitely not worth a watch.