Movie review: ‘The Princess Switch’ is the perfect Christmas movie

Natalie Brink, News Editor

Netflix’s latest Christmas original movie, “The Princess Switch” is a sappy rom-com starring Vanessa Hudgens as both of the movie’s main characters alongside Nick Sagar, Sam Palladio and Alexa Adeosun. It’s gooey, predictable, heavily reliant on themes such as true love and will totally get you into the Christmas spirit.

The movie follows Stacy (Hudgens), a bakery owner who gets a chance to compete in the fictional country of Belgravia’s annual baking competition alongside her childhood friend, Kevin (Sagar). After her arrival, Stacy bumps into a woman who looks exactly like her, Duchess Margaret (also played by Hudgens). Margaret, who is engaged to the Prince of Belgravia (Palladio), convinces Stacy to switch lives with her for two days so she can experience a normal life before her wedding. Hilarity and kisses under mistletoe ensue.

The script of this movie was not great. Especially in the beginning, the dialogue was a little on the nose. In the opening minutes, the characters not-so-subtle bring up their relationships to each other (“godmother,” “best friend,” “ex”) in such a way that I was worried the whole movie was going to include flimsy introductions and stilted dialogue. However, as the movie progresses and you start to develop an attachment to the characters and the wacky situations they find themselves in, the lines either get better or you noticed them less as the story sucked you in.

In spite of its rocky beginning, “The Princess Switch” manages to be a perfect Christmas movie. There’s plenty of carriage rides in the snow, pictures with Santa and charity work to make the viewer feel warm while watching it. Hudgens was a fantastic lead and she playing her two different characters better than I had thought she would. The entire cast was excellent, and the chemistry between Hudgens and Adeosun, who plays Kevin’s daughter, was especially heartwarming.

When the mood strikes you to turn on the Hallmark channel, grab your favorite blanket, make some hot chocolate and turn on “The Princess Switch” instead. As long as you are prepared to watch a cute Christmas movie, you won’t be disappointed.