Venom Review


Peyton Klam

Posing for a picture in front of the movie poster.

Peyton Klam, Staff Reporter

Venom is a 2018 superhero film that terpremiered on Oct. 5. Tom Hardy stars as Eddie Brock, Michelle Williams plays Eddie’s fiancee Anne Weyning and Riz Ahmed plays Life Foundation Director and main antagonist Carlton Drake.

Venom is a very entertaining film. It is action packed and humorous, and at the same time it is a clustered mess. From a comic book standpoint, the film does not follow how the symbiote was brought to Earth or even how Eddie Brock actually received the Venom symbiote. There is a feeling of something missing and that something is Spider-man. Sony does not introduce the characters, we are basically thrown into the film. There is no character development. If I had never read a Venom comic I would not have understood much about the film. It was a little hard to follow even for me and I have read many of the Venom Series.

For Venom to choose to stay with Eddie and betray his entire species all because he was a “loser” on his planet as is Eddie on Earth does not work at all. In the comics Venom’s obsession with Spider-man gives him a legitimate purpose to stay on Earth but without him it really does not make any sense.

Tom Hardy was over hyped in my opinion, his role was mediocre at best. This is probably due to the many creative differences he had with the writers. e was praised for this role and unfortunately it did not turn out the way it was marketed.

The film is very sporadic and just does not settle in on an identity. With the lack of evenness, the lack of character development, no Spider-man and a lack of creativity for its plot, Venom isn’t the film I expected it to be. I’d have to say wait till the movie releases at Redbox. Sony is very lucky Venom was still entertaining and funny or they would have had yet another dud on their hands.