Avengers: Infinity War review

Hadley Hudson, Co-Editor in Chief

Ten years in the making! In Avengers: Infinity War, all eighteen Marvel movies come together in one single and tremendous film. From the opening weekend, it broke box office records. It has formidable individuals involved, with direction by the Russo brothers and Kevin Feige at the head of production.

I will not spoil anything because that is an unfair thing to do, considering that Infinity War should be an experience for everyone to have with a clean slate. All I will say about the plot is that it is one that no one could have predicted, and it never ceased to shock and surprise me. Even if large amounts of the plot were spoiled to you, there would still be surprising parts of the movie! There’s so many twists and turns, and it is perfectly complex without being confusing. In all of the ways that the comic books were hard to read, the movie was easy to understand. Overall, it makes sense that it took ten years of planning to come to this movie. It certainly looks like it.

That being said, I am a huge Marvel fan. Some of my first memories are watching every Spider-Man cartoon that aired on television and aspiring to be Peter Parker. I love Marvel comics and I love the Marvel movies. I have seen all of them multiple times, including seeing Black Panther four times in theaters. I love Marvel and I think the company produces great work. However, some people disagree. Infinity War is a long movie! It could be confusing for someone that doesn’t know half of the characters! It makes sense that there aren’t perfect reviews on it. My personal advice before seeing the movie is that people should be updated on the eighteen previous installments before they watch Infinity War. That doesn’t mean watching 38 hours and 19 minutes of film– watching a simple YouTube video would be fine. I suggest making sure that you’re up to date before you jump in on a 3 hour extravaganza.

My personal favorite parts of the movie, without giving any spoilers, included Steve’s new gear, teen Groot, and Thor. Thor’s existence was great. I am glad for his mere presence. Also, Steve and Bucky. I enjoyed the further characterization and depth brought into the movie, despite the huge cast list. I left the movie knowing each character a little better on some level. Other favorites were the rabbit and the dialogue leaving big philosophical questions about where, who, and why people are who they are.

The movie was wonderful. I am seeing it again today. I rate it five whole stars.