Kirby: Star Allies Review

Peyton Klam, Staff Reporter

Kirby has had a game on every single Nintendo console before the Switch came out, you can now add the Switch to that list. Kirby: Star Allies released on March 16 and has already sold out in many stores including Target and Walmart.

The game sticks to the Kirby series’ tried and true formula, there are different worlds to visit each containing levels, mini bosses, and of course the boss battle. However there is a new feature that Nintendo introduced us to, the ally feature, you can have up to three allies along with you to help complete puzzles, open new areas, and help battle the boss. Special rooms which can lead to switches, beneficial items, and cosmetic items require at least 2-3 allies to even open the door so this feature is an amazing idea, it helps get the younger players through the game easier and quicker.

After my own playthrough I was very impressed with the quality buff Nintendo did. It was just overall more visually attractive, the gameplay was slow at times but the boss battles and puzzles made up for the slowness.

Overall I would give Kirby: Star Allies a 7.5/10, the visual components and the gameplay are far better than any Kirby games I have played in the past.