Survival Guide for a Vandy FNL

Chloe Strader, Staff Reporter

As most people that go to Vandegrift know Fridays are for the football game. A time when the majority of the students cram together in an increasingly shrinking student section to watch our schools infamous football team kick off a new season. We nestle in between our friends on the cold metal bleachers, and train our eyes on the field. We chant the mantras of our school such as the “I believe” chant.


Seniors in the first three rows, pressed against the gate that every student awaits to get their turn to stand behind, but they must wait until their senior year. Then the juniors take up the next four to five rows leaving just a smidge of row space for the sophomores. As for the freshman they have to stand outside of the student section or in the un- official “freshman student section.”


These games are the highlight of the week and a time for students to interact with each other in an informal setting. As most students could tell you there are a few necessities that without a doubt must be brought to each and every game.


The first being, you better dress for the theme. Throughout the past few years this rule has become increasingly important. Students take school spirit very seriously. You should likely expect to have your shirt removed and paint rubbed on your chest and back if you do not wear the proper theme.


Another necessity is water. The student sections temperature rises at minimum 10 degrees once everyone is seated and the game has begun.You are more likely to be sticking to your neighbor than shivering at a football game in Texas. Your safest bet is to keep hydrated and as cool as possible.


You should also prepare yourself for the excess standing and screaming at these games. Students do not take a seat during the football game until halftime. They also scream throughout the majority of the game. Whether they are cheering on our team or booing the ref for making an un- favoring call. You should rest your voice or prepare for it to be gone by Saturday. You should also steer clear of a hard workout on Friday or Saturday because you will regret ever setting foot in the student section. The sore legs and aching throat are all part of the experience.


Though these rules and traditions set in place by students may seem ridiculous or unnecessary they are what set us apart for other schools. They are what make the students section so thrilling especially when you finally make your way to the very front. Straight view of the field and close enough for the football players to hear your shouts. The student section is what it’s all about.