Frequency TV review

Caitlin McKeand, Staff Reporter

The television show Frequency aired on October 5, 2016 and ended on January 25, 2017. The show takes place in the years 2016 and 1996. In the former time frame, NYPD officer Raimy Sullivan discovers her deceased father Frank’s ham radio allows her to talk to him back in 1996, the year he died. When she attempts to save his life from the future, she sets off a series of Butterfly Effects, changing her timeline. Working together, the father-daughter duo work together to close a decade old murder case and save Raimy’s mom.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Butterfly Effect. I learned about it when I was younger and constantly watched documentaries about anything and everything that came on. Granted when I watched the one about the Butterfly Effect, I didn’t really understand what it was talking about, but enjoyed writing notes anyways. Now that I do understand, I love shows and games involving it. In Frequency, the timeline flips from 1996 to 2016 and Frank to Raimy respectively. They find out very soon that by changing one thing, no matter how small, it can have major consequences in the future.

The first issue, which was trying to save Frank’s life, Raimy tells him everything he needs to know and voila he lives. However, because he lived, in Raimy’s timeline it’s now her mother who is dead and not her dad. Every issue in the story revolves around a murderer called the Nightingale, making the story a murder mystery sci-fi film.

I loved the show with all my heart as I was watching it. The main theme of the story was the connection between a daughter and her dad, and family ties in general, which is always nice. At first I was a bit skeptical when the whole ‘There’s romance involved!’ entered the scene, but I wasn’t disappointed because it was more of a back burner story, which is what I prefer in shows. Over the course of the show, the ties between Raimy and her dad deepen as they go through life in ways they hadn’t been able to before (since he had died) and they realize they had more in common than they realized.

However, the ending was a bit annoying as the show was cancelled and evidently ended on a cliffhanger. Granted, the show is hanging in the balance of a second season depending on how well it does on Netflix. I won’t spoil anything, but it was a great watch. I also got a good five songs from the ending scenes.