Media Monday: 90210

Blakely Dimiero, Staff Reporter

Fancy cars, big houses, pretty beaches, and a whole lot of drama is what 90210 (2008) consists of.


The original series of “Beverly Hills, 90210” began airing in 1990, and ended its near 11 seasons of shows in 2000. The original show was based off of Brandon and Brenda Walsh’s life throughout high school and adulthood, but adding the luxurious California twist to the show. In 2008, a newer version of the show was released and quickly took a popular television hit. The show follows the same path as the original show, being based off of 2 main characters, but also has its own uniqueness. 5 seasons later, the show had filmed its final season finale, and was added onto Netflix.


The show is a must see for everyone because the characters in the show are around the same age as we are, making it easier for us to connect with them and enjoy the show a little more.