Media Monday: Maximum Ride

Caitlin McKeand, Staff Reporter

We’re getting a throwback to middle school with this 2016 movie release. Maximum Ride, written by James Patterson in addition to being executive producer later, is all about “six genetically enhanced orphans with the ability to fly, escape from captivity and set out on a high-stakes mission to save one of their own,” as summarized by Netflix.

I first found out it was made into a movie when I saw it on On Demand for about $6, so obviously I paid to watch it. I can tell you that I don’t regret it (I do though). The film had multiple scenes and lines straight from the book for the most part, which is pretty hard to come by sadly, but the characters didn’t quite fit as much as anyone probably wished for. The CGI was… not very good, but as much is expected when you need the characters to have huge wings (that weren’t very big and not very practical either). The wings in the movie were made to look huge when unfolded, but somehow managed to go back into the skin in the back, bones and all. The flying cutscene (there was only one) was used over and over just in different directions and different person CGI despite the distance flown.

The good part about this film is that even though none of the characters were portrayed well, especially Max, at least she was attractive.