Young Justice’s return

Hadley Hudson, Staff Reporter

The DC animated show Young Justice is returning for a third season after three years. After being canceled by cartoon network, the fan favorite show is back! Even the poster announcing its release is epic!

Young Justice is a show based on the young proteges of the Justice League’s strongest heroes and although it is about younger people, the story isn’t ‘kiddy.’ It is dramatic and intense, with twists and turns that you’ll never expect. The proteges form their own team and do their own missions, and face opposition from every direction. The second season gets much more mature, bringing in older characters and involving the older themes that go with them. The entire show’s villains are centered around an organization called “The Light,” and the second season ended with a huge cliffhanger about The Light. Then it was canceled.

Although the location of the third season is unknown currently, the creators of the series have begun making it. So, after three years the team is finally returning. This show isn’t going to pull a Teen Titans and end for no reason, it’s coming back. The great animation (which isn’t what DC has been doing recently, so it’s even more groundbreaking) that won an Emmy for the show is returning. The wait is over, and the beloved series is finally coming back.