Let’s talk about the Logan trailer

Hadley Hudson, Staff Reporter

For almost 20 years, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and many others have participated in the X-men movies. On Oct. 20, the trailer for a new movie was released. But this is different for the other installments, this is the last time Hugh Jackman will be Wolverine and the last X-men with Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. These two main characters have been portrayed by Jackman and Stewart for the entire franchise, and seeing them go will be, frankly, heartbreaking. But, they do not intend to quietly leave the X-men, which is obvious from the trailer for Logan.

The trailer has many groundbreaking elements. This movie includes X-23, a fan favorite female clone of wolverine named Laura Finney, it may have Mr. Sinister, a supervillain in the comics, and it is done in the grim storytelling of the later Wolverine comics, also titled Logan. Logan is more about Wolverine as a person than as a powerful mutant, where he finally begins to age and his healing powers begin to fade. The story is a look on the way of human life in general, containing the metaphor to societal problems and true meaning that the X-men comics were made for. This movie looks like it is planning to have exactly that.

The story for this movie is that it is the year 2024, mutant births have slowed to a complete stop and all of the X-men but Charles Xavier and Logan (Wolverine) have died, probably as a result of a mishap that caused Logan to murder everyone in the X-mansion. Both Xavier and Logan are facing huge physical and mental boundaries with their old age; Xavier has Alzheimer’s which affects his telepathy majorly and Logan’s powers are fading, leaving him in extreme pain from his many injuries. This is in addition to the psychological boundaries that Logan is facing due to the massacre of all the X-men. Xavier and Logan live in the desolate dystopian world, Logan living in a fallen water tower. Then, in comes a little girl (Finney), apparently with the same powers as Logan (and some claws of her own). An organization is hunting her down, and the only people left to protect her are Xavier and Logan.

The trailer itself is extremely hard-hitting and heartbreaking. It is set to the song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, and the somber to intense song perfectly portrays the story. It also contains some short clips to entice the audience. It shows the little girl, Finney, in action, taking down men three times her size and age easily, Xavier bedridden, villains called the Reavers, a father-daughter-esque relationship between Finney and Logan, Xavier being threatened at gunpoint, another mutant named Caliban, and a scene that portrays Logan and Finney fighting, claws out and all. There is also the visual of Logan’s hands shaking in the beginning of the trailer, which transitions to the end of of trailer where his hands are shaking then Finney reaches up to take his hand.

All in all, this doesn’t seem like a normal cookie-cutter superhero movie. There are no cliches: no huge buildings exploding, no people getting saved, no cheesy costumes. It looks like a movie about a troubled man struggling to come to terms with the horrors he has caused, and trying to help his only friend left survive. Jackman has even said himself that he didn’t want it to be a typical superhero movie and that he wanted it to be real. The storytelling and the way it is filmed looks more like a psychological and physically struggling Mad-Max than any X-men movie that has been made so far.

I encourage everyone to watch the trailer, it is tear worthy and shows much more promise than any other Marvel or DC movie coming out in the next year. It looks like it is going to be a smashing conclusion to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s characters, with the addition of a few new interesting ones. I am majorly anticipating this film, and you will be too if you watch this trailer.