Daddy’s Home Review

Max Bowman, Writer


When I watch a video of a dog slipping on ice it’s funny the first time. Its also kinda funny the second time, maybe even the third time. But after the fourth viewing of the same setup and execution, it’s not that funny anymore and instead becomes grating. Recent movies such as Ride Along like to think that by perhaps changing what the dog is wearing every time you watch the video, (Kevin Hart tries to act tough, embarresses himself, Ice Cube steps in, is tough, but in a different setting each time!) it will be fresh and original every time you watch it. Hint: It’s still not funny. If you think this paragraph has given away my opinion of the movie Daddy’s Home then you would be correct.

Daddy’s Home follows Will Ferrell (that’s all you need to know), a lame wimp, and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), an alpha male tough guy.  Will Ferrell is the new stepdad to his wife’s family and is trying desperately to get his wife’s kids to recognize him as their new father. His efforts are interrupted when Dusty, the original husband,tries to reassert his place as husband and fatherafter finding out his wife Sara (Linda Cardellina) has remarried and moved on, tries to reassert his place as husband and father.

The movie could be best described as one bad joke stretched out for an hour and 40 minutes. Though another word that could just as easily describe the movie is boring. Almost every single joke consists of Dusty doing something cool to undermine Will Ferrell, Will Ferrell trying to be cool, then failing. You know the punchline before the jokes even been placed in front of you giving you absolutely nothing to be surprised or savor. This doesn’t help that not one of the characters are special or likeable in any way. Will Ferrell is too whiny and pathetic to root for managing to come of as just plain nauseating to watch or listen too. While Dusty just comes off as manipulative and kinda creepy, though I’m sure for many his sixpack make will make it okay to stalk your ex-wife and justify him slyly manipulating his way into their household. In fact, a much better premise would be a horror movie perhaps going along the lines of a psychological thriller. But no, instead we get one gag stretched out till it’s thin as paper, with a few scarce good jokes peppered in between.

One standout in the movie is Will Ferrell’s boss. Who spends his entire runtime belittling Will, and telling crass stories that have no relation to Will’s predicament in an attempt to give advice. One other funny scene I remember is Will after getting completely wasted at a basketball game, attempts to make a free throw shot but instead ends up slamming a basketball against a cheerleader’s head. That’s it. That’s all the good bits I can remember from a dreadfully wasted Sunday afternoon. After only one day has passed I find myself already forgetting most of the movie. Its boring, drawn out, forgettable, and definitely not worth anyone’s time