Kieran’s Korner: Rooster Teeth

Kieran Daly, Entertainment Editor

This has to be the best thing I have ever done a Kieran’s Korner over. Rooster Teeth is a comedy media company based in Austin. They have been around for 11 years now with millions of fans across the world and over 7.5 million subscribers in YouTube.

Rooster Teeth’s videos are hilarious, and they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. There’s the RT shorts, which are just comedy shorts with the members of the company. The podcast, which is about an hour and a half of pure conversation between four to five Rooster Teeth members. RWBY, their new anime show, which is great and Immersion, where they test video games in real life. My favorite is Red VS Blue, which Rooster Teeth is known for. If you don’t know, Red VS Blue is a comedy series that follows two warring factions that are stuck together in a canyon. The show is predominantly filmed in the Halo games.

Rooster Teeth has also adopted several other channels under its larger name. This includes, Let’s Play (the Achievement Hunter channel where six guys play video games for laughs), The Know (Rooster Teeth’s new news station which is the perfect place to get all your gaming info), Game Fails (exactly what it sounds like) and The Slow-Mo-Guys (where they do awesome stuff in slow motion on one of the best slow motion cameras in the world. They are responsible for the slow motion shots in films like Dredd and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.)

Rooster Teeth is one of those things you have to check out. Earlier this year I got the opportunity to intern with them for a couple of days and I was amazed by how much hard work and effort they put into their work to please their fans. Their whole company runs like one big dysfunctional family, and they do their best to make their fans feel like part of it. If you are interested, Rooster Teeth will be holding their expo, RTX, this summer in Austin. For more info and great comedy content, check out