Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Finale

Kelly Honts, Web Editor


             Shocked is an understatement when it comes to the Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 finale, which premiered  Aug. 29. Not only did the episode reveal Nate’s true identity, a boy Maya knew from rehab named Lyndon James, but it ended with a bang when Spencer’s love interest, Toby, was shown talking to Mona as a member of the A Team.
            The episode began with Spencer, Hannah and Aria believing that Paige, Emily’s on and off girlfriend, is part of the A Team. However, their attempts to convince Emily only push her farther away. Emily leaves on a trip with Nate (Lyndon) where he traps both her and Paige in an attempt to murder them.
            The episode also features Toby’s return to Spencer and shows the two spending time together before Toby has to leave again.
           Meanwhile, Aria is facing problems of her own as she is forced to decide if she should tell Ezra about his son or honor Maggie’s, Ezra’s high school girlfriend, wishes by keeping him a secret. At 10 p.m., the girls and Caleb meet up near Ally’s grave after a text from A, but are left hanging. They then split up in order make sure Emily is okay.
          Eventually, Caleb finds Emily in the lighthouse with Nate, who she has just stabbed in order to protect herself. Caleb and Emily embrace and just when you think everything is okay, a gunshot is heard and Caleb has been shot.
         The episode does not reveal if Caleb will be okay or not. During the last scene, Mona is talking to an unknown member of the A Team about how their plan to set up Paige has fallen through. Seconds before the show ends, Toby is revealed as a member of the A Team.