Coat And Thai Keeps Classic Eggroll Alive

Coat And Thai Keeps Classic Eggroll Alive

Ashley Shoemake, Staff Writer

Recently my family and I went to the group of food trailers on South Congress. My cousins were very excited to try the Pad Thai, so we ordered that, fried rice and some eggrolls.

Unfortunately, the trailer was out of Pad Thai (and just about anything else we tried to order), so we decided to just stick with our rice and eggrolls. I order fried rice at just about every Asian restaurant I go to and I hardly ever dislike it. The fried rice and at Coat and Thai did not fit into that category. Along with the rest of my family, I had to pour tons of soy sauce on it just to make it edible.

Fortunately, the reputation of the trailer was saved by their amazing eggrolls. I would drive back downtown just to try them again. They were everything you would want an eggroll to be; hot, right out of the oven and the perfect balance of soft and crispy. There was nothing special inside the eggroll, just the normal ingredients: cabbage, clear noodles, carrots, celery and onions, but it was still one of the best eggrolls I have ever had. We all also loved the sweet and sour sauce the eggrolls were served with.

As long as you go for the eggrolls and steer clear of the fried rice, I would recommend Coat and Thai for anybody.