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Does Snow Patrol’s Fallen Empires Rise To The Occasion?

   Snow Patrol’s sixth album, Fallen Empires was released on Jan. 10. Fans have been waiting for the new album since the single  “Called Out In the Dark” was posted on You Tube back in September. The album is a lot different from Snow Patrol’s usual style of music, but it isn’t entirely a bad thing. The new style moves away from the alternative punk style that the Northern Irish band is famous and moves a little more to alternative pop.

   There  are a few great songs on the album worth getting. Highlights of the album include alled Out In the Dark,” “This Isn’t Everything You Are,” “Fallen Empires,” “Lifening” and “New York.”

   “Called Out In the Dark” shows the big change in Snow Patrol’s music. The song sounds more like a pop song rather than Snow Patrol’s usual alternative sound, but it is catchy. The song will get you dancing with its catchy bass and blatant bass drum beat. “Called Out In the Dark” is currently the number one selling song on the album.

   “This Isn’t Everything You Are” is basically about what the title says, a feel good song that rocks your soul. The song was first released as a music video back on Oct. 14 on You Tube. Since being uploaded the video has received 1,868,074 views.

   “New York” was released on Dec. 20 and it was the last single to be released before the album’s release. “New York” is a slow heartwarming song with a good bass drum beat that sounds something like a song you would expect to find on one of Snow Patrol’s earlier albums.

  “Fallen Empires” is a song that will get you rocking out with its catchy rhythm from both drums and acoustic. It is one of the best songs on the album because this song is the definition of Snow Patrol, it is one of the only songs on the album that sounds anything like what Snow Patrol used to sound like.

   “Lifening” is a slow song that makes you smile at the world. The song is a heart warmer that describes the world being in perfect balance and resting in tranquility. The only problem with the song is that that the acoustic guitar sounds exactly like “This Isn’t Everything You Are”

  Overall the album is good but nowhere near as good as previous albums “Final Straw”, “Eyes Open” and “A Hundred Million Suns.” However, in a world where alternative and rock music is struggling to survive, Snow Patrol does a good job of changing it up.

   You can buy the album on its own or in a deluxe version that includes a DVD of Snow Patrol playing live. You can also get  bundle that includes the deluxe version of the CD, a record of the album, a 24×24 poster of the album art work and an instant download for “Called Out In the Dark.”

   Snow Patrol is set to play Austin at Stubbs for their Fallen Empires Tour on May 17.

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