Taylor Swift entrances audience with Midnights


Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights” official album cover

Shivaali Vibarajan, Staff Reporter

The album struck at midnight on Oct. 21. Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her new album “Midnights,” with several new songs that have now gone on to break any records. Some of these include the first album to claim all ten spots on Billboard charts and most-streamed album in a single day. 

The album consists of 13 songs. I was elated when Taylor released her new album, which coincidentally was released one day before my birthday. With all the buzz going on about Midnights, I was looking forward to the day after when I could play her songs on repeat throughout the day. Weeks before Taylor released, she had posted tiktoks with a vintage bingo cage and announced each of the 13 tracks at a time. I loved the way she had different episodes for each song and we would wonder which one would be our favorite one. It was interesting to think of how the songs are correlated to the album title.

A popular favorite of the album is ‘Lavender Haze.’ As it was the introductory track, I loved the beat kept throughout the song with the lyrics that introduce Taylor’s love glow. She sings about her lover and had gotten inspiration from watching Mad Men

 ‘Anti-Hero’ is one of my favorite songs on the album, which has received some mixed reviews. Personally, I loved the aspect of insecurities brought into the lyrics and the instrumentals, especially the way Taylor brings her own personal experience of feeling dislike of yourself. The song does delve into some deep issues and self-reflection for the audience to relate to on a personal level. 

‘You’re Own Your Own, Kid’ especially has become a fan favorite for most people. I was deeply interested in how the song centers around Taylor’s journey through fame and love, including her past eating disorder. This specific song addresses all the recurring themes in the album which I thought gave an excellent overview of what “Midnights”  truly centers around. 

With an interesting combination of different instrumentals, ‘Mastermind’ was one of the standout songs in the album. The track references Taylor’s cute meeting with her partner Joe Alwyn. It was also revealed that the first line is from the romantic Shakespeare Play, “Romeo and Juliet.” The aura of romance is integrated throughout the song’s lyrics and musicality. 

Last but certainly not least, ‘Snow on the Beach,’ featuring Lana Del Rey, was definitely a favorite. The feature of Lana Del Rey was a pleasant surprise when Taylor had announced her track songs. I loved the aspect of the mutual affection present between lovers that was integrated in the song because I thought it gave an excellent addition to the album’s theme of love. The ambience of endearment is pleasant to listen to during relaxing evenings and rainy days. 

“Midnights” has given me high expectations for her future tracks and her fans are on their toes for next release. I hope to soon see Taylor’s new inspiration strike for her next best selling album.