Student Parking Lot Issues


Student Parking Lot Issues

Karissa Gonzales, Staff Reporter

Driving to school is what most students dream to do in high school. To be able to drive to school with friends in the back, to be able to show up to school with Chick-Fil-A and car keys in their hand. This is a very exciting to experience, however a car crash in the student parking lot is not. Student drivers are acting irresponsibly in the school parking lot by ignoring laws like stop signs, speed limits and appropriate parking positions.

Seniors have witnessed students recklessly speeding in the school’s parking lot, almost causing accidents. I was longboarding to school one day, expecting typical morning traffic, so I knew I had to be careful. I was cautious of the drivers in the parking lot as I was crossing the road, however a student was on their phone and almost hit me. Another incident was when a student driver sped through a stop sign during traffic hour with no turn signal to indicate what direction they were going; almost causing a car accident. Not only is this not safe for both drivers and pedestrians, the school could be held responsible for the students’ safety, since they’re on school grounds. 

Another unsafe thing to do while driving is not parking properly. Parking on the curbs indicates that there’s not enough spaces for student drivers. Students have witnessed students parking on curbs throughout the parking lot. Since I cannot drive, I have no problem with this, however students who can drive do have a problem because it affects their ability to drive in the parking lot and to park their car. Since there aren’t enough parking spaces in the school, some students have to park at the church when they’ve paid to park at school. This has caused some students to be late to their class.

With this said, students bring up that they aren’t available parking spaces when they’ve purchased their parking pass. This can be solved by having the school assign parking spots instead of passing out parking passes. Assigning parking passes will not only help students be more organized and responsible in the parking lot, it’ll be safer for everyone else.

Another problem is there’s too much traffic. We can resolve this situation by putting up speed bumps in the parking lot or even start hanging out tickets to students who are speeding or not following the law. With a certain amount of tickets, you can lose your driving abilities at school. This can help students and parents safety while driving in the school parking lot.

We can easily make our school parking lot safer by having the school take better procedures in the morning and after school by installing speed bumps and having teachers assign tickets to student drivers they see misbehaving on school grounds.