Overcoming my Insecurities


Submitted by: Taylor Chronert

It’s been 4 months ever since I won my battle against my insecurity, and I continue to do better each day

Taylor Chronert, Staff Reporter

We all have something that we aren’t happy with about ourselves, whether it’s the way we look, what our laugh sounds like, wearing glasses with the fear of being made fun of, etc. But for me, it was my body image. 

I have always been very athletic and healthy and was never self-conscious about how I looked. I would never be afraid to wear swimsuits in public and never felt uncomfortable in the clothes I wear. However, when I got older and got into middle school then high school, I started caring more about what people think, just to fit in and have people like me.

My self-conscious behavior and thoughts started when I was in 8th grade. I got called fat by a boy in my grade at one of my friend’s parties. After hearing that, I felt ashamed and embarrassed and questioned whether or not what that boy said was true. 

After hearing that comment, my self-consciousness got worse. I never wore any piece of clothing that showed my stomach and never posted any pictures of me in swimsuits on social media. I also got more hate comments about my body, some by my classmates at school and even by an employee at Randall’s. I tried getting over my self-confidence, I wore a crop top for the first time during lockdown last year, but that was only when I was around my family.

Finally, I was able to get over my self-confidence, with the help of one of my best friends. He knew I was self-conscious about my body image and found some ways to help me. He made me put on a bathing suit and some crop tops I own and stand in front of my mirror and look at myself for a few minutes. It was super hard, but I was able to do it with his encouragement. After I was able to accomplish wearing a crop top and a bathing suit, he challenged me to try wearing a crop top to school. That part made me super nervous and scared and I remember I would always say no and not wanting to do it. My friend would reassure me and even let me do it on a day in which we get out of school early, and bring a jacket if I felt too self-conscious.

Doing that took me a long time to do, but I was able to during winter break. My sister requested we get crop top shirts for our Christmas pj’s, and when I saw it, I didn’t want to wear it as I felt super scared to do so and was really self-conscious. I texted my friend, who encouraged me to wear it. After a couple minutes of contemplating, I did it and put the shirt on. I sent a picture to my friend, who immediately replied back saying that I did it, I overcame my self-confidence, and he was super proud of me. 

January 6th, 2021 was the day I officially overcame my self-consciousness, and four months later,  I continue to be more confident each day. Sometimes I have moments in which I feel self-conscious, but I push those thoughts out of my head. If it wasn’t for my friend helping me out through my journey, I would probably not be as confident in my body  and wouldn’t be where I am today. I am no longer afraid of wearing bathing suits around my friends, as well as wearing shirts without being afraid of showing my body.

To anyone who is feeling self-conscious or feeling insecure or embarrassed by how you look, you can overcome your self-consciousness and your insecurities, you just need the right people who will be by your side to encourage you to overcome it. We are all beautiful in our own special way, and as my friend told me: ‘God created us exactly how we are for a reason, we aren’t perfect.’