The Michelle Obama Podcast Review


Yness Martinez

The Michelle Obama Podcast is available on Spotify and other podcast services

Yness Martinez, Staff Reporter

She’s an advocate for women everywhere, an incredible leader, and she probably improved your school lunches. Now she had a podcast! The 44th First Lady Michelle Obama is possibly one of the most memorable, progressive women of our time. She is a role model for young girls and other women throughout her rise to fame through the Obama Administration, and continues to use her platform to talk about political and social issues.

Sitting down to listen to The Michelle Obama Podcast, I was expecting a string of political issues I need to research, progressive arguments, and organizations I should be donating to. Imagine my surprise when I heard the loving banter between a husband and wife, as if they are the two most relaxed and relatable people in the world. The laid back chit chat quickly put my mind at ease, while at the same time triggering my curiosity for the remainder of the podcast.

Her podcast covers a variety of topics, one of the main recurring themes being relationships, discussed between Michelle and her friends, colleagues, family, and even husband. She addresses her hidden struggles of raising her family and maintaining a healthy marriage while in the White House. During their time in those historic halls, Michelle made it her goal to live life as normal as possible. By having mandatory family dinners, homework and study time for her daughters, and making time to see each other between their busy schedules. Hearing all the typical motherly chit chat put my mind at ease, while changing my view of the previous First Family. If you thought Sasha and Malia Obama didn’t have to clean their rooms, you’d be wrong.

Every young couple with children experiences the highs and lows of raising children, but Michelle and her friend and famous comedian Conan O’Brien examined their own experiences after having children, addressing some of their challenges they never heard before. I’ve listened to Conan’s podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, a few times before. His typical comedic rambling made this a worthy episode.

In the fourth episode Michelle hosts her close friends to talk about friendship. On her personal account, Michelle confesses how their support made her time in the spotlight more bearable. Throughout the months of limited contact, I understand just how important support from close friends can be, even the most esteemed people have their low points where they need to ask for help. Their unconditional support, love and honesty towards one another made this one of the most wholesome episodes.

Episode three is exclusively shared between Michelle and her brother Craig Robinson. They chat about their childhood growing up in the South Side of Chicago, and their experiences in lower middle class living situations compared to where they are now. Like most siblings, Michelle and Craig have the typical sibling relationship; a mix of ‘one-upping’ and funny anecdotes. It was surprisingly entertaining to hear the previous First Lady make fun of her older brother. This episode put their interesting lives into perspective by talking about the hard work they accomplished to get to this point in their lives. 

The podcast’s latest episode follows the topic of mentors: past, present and future. Michelle and her colleagues talk about how mentors have affected their lives.. They exchange views on the working challenges of women, and especially women of color. However, their variety of mentors and goals throughout their lives inspired them to work hard to change the system. To be frank, this podcast was surprisingly humorous and interesting. I can’t help but be inspired by the journey Michelle Obama has taken to become the voice she is today, this podcast definitely wins a top spot on my list.