Movie Review: “Parasite”

Priya Gregerson, Staff Reporter

How do you infiltrate into the lives of the upper class? This is a question that one movie in particular answers. If you’re one who takes interest in movies with suspense and unexpected twists, “Parasite” directed by Bong Joon-ho is a must watch. 

The film is set in modern day South Korea and begins within the household of an indigent and needy family. One night the son, Ki-woo, has drinks with a friend from school named Min. Min gifts the family a stone sculpture intended to signify family wealth. Since Min is going off to university, he proposes that Ki-woo takes over his job as a tutor for a wealthy family. Ki-woo counterfeits his credentials to tutor for the family’s daughter. After getting his first paycheck, he recommends his sister, Ki-jeong, as an art tutor for their son, and pretends to barely know her. Soon after, the two siblings sabotage the current maid and chauffeur’s job. Then their parents, Kim Ki-taek and Choong-sook, take the jobs of the two who were recently fired. None of the family is qualified whatsoever to do the jobs they were hired for. If they hadn’t lied to the wealthy family, they would never have been hired. When the wealthy family’s son Da-song has his birthday, the family goes on a camping trip, leaving Choong-sook to care for the house while they were away. Except, she is not alone. The entire family sneaks in for a free weekend of luxury. The family celebrates their mischievousness together in the living room. Suddenly the doorbell rings; it’s the old maid, Moon-Gwang. After this fateful moment, things take a turn for the worst. 

The economic contrast between the two families is a significant theme in the plot.  It is very interesting to see how Joon-ho uses distinctive colors, scenery and sounds to portray both of the family’s lifestyles throughout the entirety of the film. Not to mention, Bong Joon-ho won best foreign film at the Golden Globes in Jan 2020, and for good reason too. . I would rate this film five out of five stars because of the unique filming style, plot, switch of the tone and unexpected humor. The movie was a roller coaster and felt just as exciting as one too.