Changes made to roads surprise drivers photo photo

Megan Messer, Opinions Editor

Texas Department of Transportation made changes to route RM-2222 in early May. The left turn lane turning onto RM-620 was re-striped to where it starts closer to the intersection. Even though this was needed for a better indication of where the center turn lanes end, it has thrown off many drivers in the area.

Restriping the left turn lane was a mistake and the road should have been left the way it was.

Traffic has always been an issue for people living in the area, but repainting the left turn lane will make traffic even worse. Instead of using the center lane properly, drivers are turning into the lane early and blocking off other drivers intending to use the center lane.

The lane was repainted earlier in May, but there was no warning for drivers in the area. This caused confusion for the people commuting on 2222, which is unsafe for any driver to be confused about the roads they drive on.

For many people in the are, safety has always been an issue on route 2222 and RM 620. Due to many accidents occurring every week, TXDoT has prioritized these two roads and are proposing a construction project later in the year. Even though they have already re-striped the center lanes, hopefully new changes will come to facilitate the commute in the area.