Seniors on what they wish they knew coming into high school

Caitlin McKeand and Hadley Hudson

Katherine Holsinger

  • Work hard from the start or it’ll be really hard to keep your GPA high. Treat every year as if it’s junior year because if you slack you’ll regret it later. It’s ok if you’re not popular because you’ll always find your group/friends.

Shae Mullins

  • It’s ok if you don’t have things figured out your freshman year your path will most likely change anyway. Do what you love, not what your friends love. Don’t be scared to get involved and show your school spirit.

Kyra Patel

  • What I wish I knew when coming into high school was to improve my organization and time management skills. This is because as time went on, the more I had on my plate, along with band in the mix.

Emma Robertson

  • I wish I had known to take more electives and join more extracurriculars that interested me. My freshman and sophomore years, I really only took my core required courses, so school days were a drag. I think those years would have been a lot more memorable if I had done activities and coursework I was passionate about.

Zach Hildebrand

  • I wish I knew how to properly study and how important organization skills are.

Ryan Ong

  • I wish I knew how to stay motivated throughout the years.

Jonathan Dow

  • Always get ahead and stay ahead. Of everything.

Reem Ahmad

  • I wish that people told me that schoolwork doesn’t determine everything for you. It doesn’t exactly determine where you go. I wish that people told me to be more involved and to have more fun in high school because it’s very temporary and it goes by very quickly.

Joelle Kenty

  • They put so much emphasis on the four-year plan like you need to follow this and you need to make sure you know where you’re going. But I feel like you change paths so much in high school, switching from saying I wanna take this class then thinking, “just kidding, no I don’t.” I feel like there shouldn’t be such an emphasis on that, and it can sort of stress you out and it can make you think that you aren’t on track when you are. Don’t overthink what’s happening, as long as you’re taking classes that are good for you and as long as you are taking classes that you enjoy, probably with a few APs in there to help your GPA.

Lindsay Lee

  • Definitely put in the work to get good grades, because honestly, in the end, it’s worth it. College is hard to get into, it’s a lot harder than it seems and it is a lot of work. Do SAT and ACT prep. Those classes really help. Don’t care what anyone thinks about you, just be yourself. No one understands that, ever.