Tips to survive midterms

Blakely Dimiero, Staff Reporter

As the end of the first semester is quickly coming to an end and Christmas is around the corner, students are beginning to prepare for midterms coming up at the end of this week and half of next week. This is a common time for students to feel stressed and overwhelmed with work and below are some tips to help survive midterms week!

  1. Study- One of the most important things during this time for students. Many teachers will tell you to review your notes from class daily in order to better prepare yourself for exams and to master the material efficiently.  This method of studying also reduces your stress because you won’t be attempting to learn half a semester’s worth of material in one night.
  2. Rest- Sleep is especially crucial during midterm season when we’re often pressured into staying up late in order to study more material. Unfortunately, failing to get the rest that you need for your exams will cause you to be drowsy and unfocused when it’s time to take the test. Pulling an all-nighter may be tempting, but it will definitely catch up to you and can cause you to handle stress less effectively.
  3. Take time away from Studying- It’s important to take frequent breaks and relax for a bit. Grabbing some food and grabbing some water would be a good thing to do during this time. Catch up on your phone and watch tv, but then get back to studying.
  4. Use a Planner- Not only is it useful for keeping track of important events and dates, but staying on top of exam dates. That way you won’t be having a mini heart attack on the day of your midterm.
  5. Lessen your distractions- When you’re studying for an exam, minimize your distractions as much as possible. If this means turning off your phone notifications for an hour or two, leaving your room to head to the library, or changing your music playlist to a song without lyrics to help you stay more focused.