Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Review

Peyton Klam, staff reporter

Sometime little changes can make a big difference. This is exactly the case in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. USUM are reboots of the Sun and Moon games that came out Nov 18. of 2016. Numbers of likable changes make these games easier and more enjoyable.

Right off the back, the player notices a significant change in the color of the games updated graphics, the islands are brighter and the cutscenes are more vivid. Nintendo also added a fast new way to save your game. Although the tutorial still is pretty hefty, USUM gets you playing the game quicker than Sun and Moon did.

USUM incorporates parallel dimension on steroids, you can enter the Ultra Wormhole which is how Nintendo lets you catch all of the Legendary pokemon. You don’t ever know what you’re going to find in the Ultra Wormhole.

There is more of a variety of Pokemon in USUM, this helps contribute to a more enjoyable experience even though the story has not changed too much. The new features, like mantine surf and the ultra wormhole make this game more interesting.

These upgraded versions not only have everything I enjoyed about Sun and Moon, but small, meaningful changes to the story, expanding the selection of available Pokemon, and even making some adjustments to the islands, I rate this game an 8.5-10.