Halloweekend 2017

Lanie Malone and Hallie Locke

Every year around October, rolls around period of time where you can be anyone you want. On Halloween, people plan weeks ahead for the perfect look that expresses their most secretive wishes of whom they would be in another life. This year, Halloweekend (the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before Halloween) hosted the biggest parties of the year. Whether you spent Halloweekend at parties, your friend’s house, or right at home, you can assume most students dressed up.

“My friends and I wanted to do a group costume, so we were all farmers,” senior Fernando Suazo said. “We got our inspiration from when we saw FFA club members working out behind the school and we thought, ‘why not?’”

Suazo, with his friends Connor Cole and Arymaan Dhawal, dressed as a hypebeast farmer. The trio wore large pairs of overalls and working boots for their costume, but Suazo spiced his outfit up with a vintage Supreme hat.

Seniors Fernando Suazo (left) and Bailey Hiler (right) dressed at a Halloween party.

Students told what they loved most about celebrating Halloween (if they ever did), they all answered the same thing: trick-or-treating.

“My favorite part of Halloween is seeing everyone dressed up,” junior Meredith Robertson said. “It’s something I love so much. There’s something about seeing people at parties all the time, but when it’s Halloween, you’re seeing everyone in their costumes that they purposely picked out. It shows everyone’s individuality. Halloween is about getting to see who people would be if they had an option. You see people’s personalities, their true colors.”

Robertson and her boyfriend, Jake Silvia, were the memorable pair “Boo and Kitty” from the movie ‘Monster’s Inc’. Robertson sported a sizeable, pink T-shirt and put her hair in pigtails. Silvia wore a onesie that resembled Sully’s fur coat to match. Robertson said that for Halloween day she went trick-or-treating in her costume, as well as watching scary movies and carving pumpkins. She said that her favorite part of Halloween is the decorations.

“I love the decorations the most because there’s so much diversity,” Robertson said. “It’s different from Christmas because around Christmas there’s more of a limit to what you do and how people decorate their houses. But with Halloween, you can do anything you want to decorate. I like when people decorate the outside of their houses’, each person’s house will look completely different than the last.”

Although some people don’t celebrate Halloween due to personal preference, those who do can be as creative as they want. Of course, the theme of the anti-holiday is being scared. Each family who celebrates has different traditions.

“In my family,” Robertson said. “We always get a creepy skeleton statue and place it in different parts of our house to scare each other. That way, every time you walk into a room, you get spooked!”

Matching was an apparent pattern in costume choices this year. It seemed easier to many students to pick a costume that related them to their friend’s. Since everyone’s first Halloween, people were travelling in packs. At first, you start out trick-or-treating with your parents, then your friends, then (for some) not at all.

“I was a ghostbuster for Halloween,” junior Bryson Brown said. “I chose my costume because it was easy and my friends and I could match. I got my inspiration from the new season of Stranger Things, where all of the main characters dressed in Ghostbusters’ uniforms.”

“Rob Troyer’s costume was my favorite because he was Michael Phelps,” Fernando Suazo said. “He wore a speedo and nothing else.”

Needless to say, this costume was the favorite, as well as the funniest.

“I’ve always been a Phelps fan,” senior Rob Troyer said. “I thought it would be the perfect last minute costume that everyone would recognize and one that would show all of my confidence and charisma.”

It’s obvious that confidence has a lot to do with the kind of costume one wears. Kids who wear crazy costumes don’t mind being laughed at or stared at. Halloween seems to be a holiday in the theme of wearing exactly what you want for one night.

“I love halloween because you can look as silly as you want and no one is going to judge you,” junior Kyndall Cragg said. “Everyone is thinking of ways to look the most ridiculous and good laughs always come out of a funny costume.”