The importance of voting

Sophia Alaniz, Web Editor

America has a very important choice to make today. Today, we are electing the new president of the United States. In the 2016 election, you can choose between four candidates, Hillary Clinton, Donald J. Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. You should vote today because it is a privilege we have as American and electing a new president is very important.

        Please vote, your vote counts. If you are of voting age, vote for all the 17-year-old’s like me who have a summer birthday and cannot voice their opinion. Vote today and utilize the amazing right we have as Americans. Vote so you can have an actual say in who will lead our country. If you are a woman vote, not just because women in the past spent 30 years trying to win the right, but we have the potential of having our first female president. We are a representative based government. People who are 18 years or older have been presented the opportunity to change the government in any way, shape or form. Do not be the person who does not vote, but then proceeds to complain about the new policy’s that get implemented. Make your voice heard, go to your local poles today and vote. If you do not know where your local poles are there is a link attached here.

        Some of the president’s responsibilities include chief of state, chief diplomat, chief executive, commander-in-chief, etc. The person we elect today will be our leader for another four years. Before you vote, make sure you know the candidate you are voting for and what their beliefs are. Each candidate will have different policies on different issues. Choose the candidate that has the same ideas as you, especially if you are passionate about those ideas. Essentially, when we as a nation elect a new president we are choosing a person to represent the voice of the people. Also, if/when you vote, realize this person will be molding the minds of America’s children, young adults and minds of the corporate and business world.

        Today, history will be made. To all the people who do take the time out of there day to vote, you are making history. There is no point in not voting. Sure, the polls could be far from your house, the lines could be long at the polls or people could be very obnoxious about who they are voting for. But the alternative to not voting is so ludicrous. If you do not vote, you are just increasing the chances of the candidate who you do not want to win the election do just that, win the election.

        Many countries around the world do not have the same freedom of speech we have in America, so please utilize your privilege to vote.