Mac should replace Dell

Stephen King, Writer

Whenever students are on their phones, a passerby would commonly notice that it is an iPhone. Apple technology has always been considered the best by many, and while students have iPhones, iPads and iPods, Vandegrift only has Dell computers for the students to use. It is time the school started using Mac computers.

Mac computers are easy and simple to use. That is because Safari is an easier and even faster browser compared to Internet Explorer and is easier to learn compared to other technologies. Macs are not the only Apple products that are easy to use. There are also iPhones, iPods, and of course iPads, which are already being used widely around Vandegrift.

The foreign language department owns a cart full of old iPads to use. The department’s money was spent on the iPads, so the foreign language classes are the only ones who can use them. However, they should not be the only ones, as other classes, perhaps the science classes, should be able to use them too. These are the only Apple products in use.

The school would not even be the only school that uses Macs. Other schools, including middle schools, actually own Macs instead of any other type from Dell. Canyon Ridge Middle School, for instance, uses iMacs, which are the biggest and most expensive kind of computer Apple sells, with a smaller student population.

If we want to have Macs just like them, maybe even cheaper models such as the MacBooks, then Vandegrift should just sell its Dell computers. The school could simply sell as many of its computers that it can to other schools who actually need computers, and then use the money to buy Macs. The best time to do this would be over the summer. Students, teachers and parents could even make donations to the school towards a fund which would make buying Macs all the more easier.

It is time that students are able to use computers that they understand and love to use. All classes should be able to use Apple technology, because it is one of the most popular in the world of technology.