Safety in Archery Club might be a concern for parents

Stephen King, Writer

Because the Archery Club is all about shooting arrows at targets, students’ parents would be very concerned about letting their kids near them or even be happy about there being equipment inside a middle school. Especially since middle schools have very young students.

However, archery can be a safe sport as long precautions are taken.

In the club, shooters must stand behind a horizontal line far away from the targets. They also must keep their bows on the floor until the coach says they can start shooting. The bows that are being used are for beginners, so they are not complicated to use compared to more advanced compound bows.

The club also requires members to sign their waiver forms, which means they will claim responsibility for any accidents. The school and club cannot be held responsible if accidents ever occur.

The only reason why parents would be worried about the club safety is because there could be incidents involving arrows, but the arrows are actually not as lethal compared to other arrows, and if they trust their kids to use such equipment, which they can, then everything will be alright.

Letting a kid join the archery club is overall in the parents’ decision. Even though archery is a dangerous club, the sponsors try very hard to protect their members and prevent any accidents at all times.