Insurgent surges through the box office

Kate Murphy, Staff Writer

Insurgent is the second movie in the Divergent Series franchise. As a sequel the second movie always makes everyone a little nervous especially when the first movie did so well. But this movie did not fall into that category and was very well done!

The movie starts out with Tris (Shailene Woodly) and Four (Theo James) in Amity which is the peaceful agriculture faction. They are on run from Jeanine (Kate Winslet) and the power hungry Erudites. In search for the rest of the Dauntless and other allies that will help find a way to stop Jeanine and the faction system. Tris and Four also must fight to protect what her parents had risked their lives to protect and find why the Erudites will do anything that they can to stop them.

I felt that the movie was very well done, it answered all the questions that Divergent had not answered. It was an action packed, high intensity movie. You were never bored and always wanted to know what would happen next. I would definitely recommend that if you were a fan of the first movie that you should go see Insurgent!