Accepted to college; How to find a roommate

Madison Smith, Staff Writer

Applying and choosing which college to attend is difficult, but finding someone to room with has also proven to be quite challenging. With technology and such a wide range of social media, it is becoming easier than ever to get in touch with future college classmates. When I started to search for a roommate I was overwhelmed, but now have learned the number of different ways to go about finding someone this fall.

One very helpful website that I used is called This website is almost like a dating website, but for future college roommates. You fill out a questionnaire that range from general interest to specific questions that include, “How often do you shower,” and other things along those lines. A whole list of people with similar interest will pop up and can instantly pair you up with the perfect roomie.

Many colleges have formed new freshmen facebook groups, that have thousands of members that will also be attending the same college. Lots of seniors will post their interest and privately message each other based on their Facebook profile. This may seem like a step back in social media, being that the new craze is Twitter and Instagram, but I think many seniors will be surprised how willing kids on Facebook are to reach out to each other.

These two tech savvy routes are very popular, however I have decided to take the traditional route of being randomly assigned a roommate. The thrill of not having any input on who you will be living with is definitely scary, but also exciting to leave things up to chance. I recently just discovered who I am rooming with and it has been fun to see all the things I have in common with a complete stranger.

The hunt for a roommate is both nerve racking and exhilarating, but with the modern world that we live in there are more than enough options to help find the ultimate roommate this fall.