Volunteer with Austin Pets Alive

Volunteer with Austin Pets Alive

Alaina Galasso, Editor in Chief

I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with Austin Pets Alive recently. Austin Pets Alive is a private, non-profit humane shelter that is a huge advocate in the endless fight to save animals from euthanasia. The shelter has saved over 25,000 cats and dogs and has played a critical role in keeping Austin the largest no-kill city in the country. I, along with many others around Austin, respect this shelter, it’s accomplishments and the way it is efficiently run.

I began volunteering with Austin Pets Alive in the past few weeks, although I completed the required two hour orientation about a year ago.  I’ve begun by helping out with little things in the cat center, but eventually I would like to volunteer with the dogs as well. I find it fulfilling even to spend just an hour with these sweet  animals while they wait to be adopted.

I believe more students from Vandegrift should volunteer with Austin Pets Alive. Most clubs and organizations require community service hours, but often it is difficult to find volunteer opportunities on your own. Anyone can volunteer with Austin Pets Alive after they have attended the orientation and filled out a waiver. Then, after completing those steps, the range of volunteer duties is almost endless. You can volunteer at almost any time on almost any day because, since the shelter is so large and is constantly busy, volunteers are almost always needed in every area. Not only can you volunteer hands on with the animals, but you can also work with marketing and photography for the shelter’s website. There is always something to do that will fit anyone’s capabilities.

This shelter is truly special, not only because of the amazing things it has accomplished regarding saving animals, but also because of everyone’s compassion. Each volunteer dedicates hours of their own time, put towards loving and caring for these pets that may have had a rough past. Each time I volunteer at Austin Pets Alive I fall more and more in love with the program, its facility, the people and of course the animals. Community service with Austin Pets Alive is extremely gratifying and really makes me feel like I am making a difference, and I hope other Vandegrift students can experience that sense of fulfillment as well.